After years of struggles, it’s safe to say in 2016 trance made its stunning comeback. From an increase in artist bookings at clubs and festivals, to the rise in track sales and online streams, the genre is poised to have an even bigger 2017. The Pacific Northwest, as bass-oriented as it is, hopped aboard the trance train last year as well, leading to the creation of Bliss: The Awakening, the region’s first trance massive, the rise of the Underground and more. It’s full steam ahead this year and we’ve compiled a list of trance artists worth keeping an eye on.


Probably the most popular name on our list, Dash Berlin, made an appearance in Portland for the first time last year and we’re hoping he returns to the PNW sooner rather than later! Eagerly awaiting his return to the region is one thing, waiting for a new album is something else. Last week, this Dutch trance legend announced a new album, calling it his biggest so far! With a proclamation like that, we’re jumping for joy! And we won’t have to wait too long to get our hands on it; the album is currently scheduled for a March release!


One of the bright young talents of Armin van Buuren‘s Armada Music label, David Gravell is currently making noise with his remix of AvB’s classic, Communication. The remix quickly shot up to the top of Beatport’s trance chart following its January 5th release and is still holding strong weeks later. Gravell’s style is truly one of a kind: a fusion of big room, electro and trance, amongst other sounds. With four tracks released within the last 30 days, you got to think something big is in the works.


Helping fuel trance’s comeback was the rise of it’s dark sub-genre: psy trance. Leading the 138 BPM movement? Vini Vici. Bursting onto the scene with the release of Divine Mode in 2013, the Israeli duo of Aviram Sahari and Matan Kadosh, had a massive 2016, releasing six singles and a few remixes, many of which saw support from trance heavy weights, such as Markus Schulz and Armin van Buuren. Who knows if psy trance will mimic last year’s success, but you can bet Vini Vici will have a big say in the matter.


It took two years but last November saw the release of new, original Shogun music (not counting the Dragon Remix album released in April), a single called Pentakill. He’s been quiet since, but we’re hoping Pentakill is a tease to something big.


Last spring, Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge joined forces to create the outlandish, stylish, super-duo, CVNT5. The two released one single, complete with a hilarious video, both of which left us wanting more. We know what Emery and Wallbridge can do apart. But together? These CVNT5 are ones we can get down with.


We’re still holding onto hope that maybe one day Tiesto will come back to trance…

Who are you keeping an eye on this year? What trance artists do you want to come to the PNW? Drop a comment and let us know!