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Is It Too Risky To Mention Rave Culture at Work? A Formula We Suggest.

We’ve all been there in one way or another. A coworker is talking about a crazy night out they had recently, or perhaps it’s a work gathering where alcohol is being served. You never know when the time will strike to discuss rave culture and lifestyle, but you can be prepared for when it does!

NSFW: Not Safe for Work

There are many things to think about when assessing the pros and cons of discussing where all your paychecks go, or why you were hungover on Thursday morning.

You bond with your co-workers because you know who you can trust. In the wise words of Ron Swanson, these are “Workplace proximity associates”.

These people may not be your best friends from fourth grade, but you see them a lot. You feel comfortable that they wouldn’t reveal anything about your life outside of work.

You will open up the possibility of discovering the other ravers at your workplace. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to detect who is willing to join you and see what the life is all about. Friend made!

If anyone is at secret odds with you and you reveal this to them, they could use it against you.

If a “Workplace proximity associate” for whatever reason decides you REALLY aren’t friends. They too could rat you out!

If you bring a coworker and they have a terrible time, they could judge your behavior. What if they don’t see you the same way anymore?

These are just a few things to consider before revealing your hobbies. Think about how much you should reveal and to whom.

The Basics: A Recap

Be cautious about discussing your rave lifestyle in depth with:

  1. Anyone with a reason to want you gone
  2. Anyone you are not 100% certain you can trust
  3. Anyone who has to hold you accountable if you are late or they think you’re “hungover” (or tired?)
  4. Anyone with any unfair bias against party, festival/rave and nightlife culture
  5. Anyone who is in from corporate, upper management, safety, and accounting

This last one is especially important. These people are directly responsible for your status with the company, your paycheck, and what you’re worth to them. Which means keep the work ethic up and a target off your back!

The world is changing but not always fast enough. It never hurts to second guess a decision that may impact your finances and employment status.