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Tomorrowland Aftermovie Brings Belgium To Us

Tomorrowland just released their aftermovie. It gave us chills from half way across the world while transcending through time, allowing us to relive the experience like we were there.

Unfortunately we were not there, but the after movie projects the experience into our reality, allowing us to feel the same feelings the attendees most certainly felt. Awe, wonder, hope, unity and most of all love. Love from all backgrounds, all cultures, religions, political standpoints and personal mantras.

For many fans of EDM, Tomorrowland is the Garden of Eden of music festivals. Otherwise known as the Secret Kingdom of Melodia, Tomorrowland boasts a world that does not exist outside of the festival experience. There are intricate stages with huge pyrotechnics, hidden caves to explore, and genuine positivity that connects everyone to each other.

From humble roots as a small festival in Belgium to a global phenomena, Tomorrowland has a huge impact not just on the people who attend the festival, but the people who watch it from all over the globe.

The after movie takes us on a adventure of lights, sound, community, and spectacle. At the end of the 20 minute sequence, it is revealed that a full length movie called This Was Tomorrow will be released later this year on December 1, with the Premier taking place in Antwerp, Belgium on November 26.

Interested in attending Tomorrowland in 2016? Round trip tickets from Seattle to Brussels, Belgium start at $1100. A three-day pass for July 24-26 is around $300. Better start saving now! Although traveling to Europe is expensive, Tomorrowland is without a doubt an immeasurable experience. Even if we don’t make the festival next year, we always have the after movie to look forward to.