Tommie Sunshine Shines a Light On Rave Culture in New Netflix Series

A new show has been added to Netflix, and we have to be honest, we binge watched it in two nights. Its called After the Raves and is hosted by veteran Tommie Sunshine.

With each episode, Tommie Sunshine takes us on a new journey interviewing DJs and looking at how cities have made an impact on genres and sub-genres. It takes us back to the 80s, 90s, early 2000’s and to the present day diving deeper into Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, The United Kingdom, Ibiza, Paris, Netherlands, and Miami.

Tommie Sunshine went to Red Bull Media House to create the series, which then aired on Netflix. This series exceeds our expectations, and Tommie Sunshine was the perfect host/tour guide to break things down for viewers. He was easy to listen to, focused on what was important and was educational; hearing first-hand experiences from DJs is important, as it’s their own memories, experiences, and music that shape the show.

EDM shows can easily become cheesy, over the top, and focused on drugs but this series did none of the above. It seemed truthful, down to earth and entertaining and our host did a good job of keeping the focus on what the series was about: the past, the present, and future of EDM.

There are still a lot of cities to cover, but maybe there will be a season 2?  It is definitely a show worth checking out! Let us know what you thought of the show, or check out the official trailer below.