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Tommie Sunshine Calls Electric Zoo A ‘Police State Experiment’

Dance music figurehead and veteran producer/DJ Tommie Sunshine has taken to his Twitter account to speak out against the heightened security at this year’s Electric Zoo festival. Sunshine isn’t shy about offering up his thoughts and opinions and has taken a strong stance against the increased focus on security at EZoo, referring to the event as a ‘sting operation’ and a ‘police state experiment of lasting proportions’. The tweets also came the day before Sunshine had a piece titled ‘How The Mainstream Media Lies About EDM’ pubslished on EDM.com.

Friday morning, the first day of  the 2014 Electric Zoo in Randall’s Island Park in New York City, Sunshine started his rant by noting the heightened measures being taken this year, telling those attending to ‘enjoy being spied on’. He then proceeded to tweet various quotes from the story on specific “safety” measures  being taken over the course of the weekend, such as officials monitoring a video feed and the utilization of drug-sniffing dogs. The increase in security comes a year after the third and final day of Electric Zoo was cancelled following the deaths of two attendees. There have been a number of changes to EZoo’s security as they, and the entire dance music community, look to create safer and more secure events and environments for festivals.

Sunshine then made his feelings on the measures clear, including calling out New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and tweeting a picture of a NYPD truck parked (presumably) near or at the venue.

He then continued to expand on his opinion of issues within the drug culture in America.

Sunshine then assured his followers that regardless of the topic, he will speak out against things he deems unjust.

Let us know what you think of the heightened security at EZoo this year and if you agree with Tommie Sunshine! You can check out his Twitter and the rest of his thoughts on the matters of the world here. Comment below, on Facebook, or reply on Twitter!