Eventbrite And Ticketfly Facing Lawsuits After Massive Data Breach

If you’ve ever attended a dance music event, chances are you have purchased tickets through Ticketfly, a subsidiary company of Eventbrite. Ticketfly is a platform that offers tickets to millions of people every year.

However, earlier this year Eventbrite and Ticketfly were hacked, and information was stolen in a massive data breach that put people’s personal information at risk. Phone numbers, credit card information, email addresses, and passwords were among the information that was taken during the breach.

Yet when the breach occurred, Eventbrite failed to inform its users that their personal information was stolen and that its website was breached. That is the nature of this lawsuit. A class-action suit has been filed for an undisclosed amount of compensation against the ticketing company for failure to inform users of the breach.

Eventbrite Lawsuit

The lawsuit claims that Eventbrite didn’t go through the proper steps to inform the public of the breach. Instead, the company put out a single Tweet of the incident and launched a support page for those who felt they may have been put at risk. But there was never an issued statement, questions weren’t answered, and millions of people were unaware that anything unsavory had even occurred, as the lawsuit documents suggests.

A data breach is never a good thing. That is the risk of doing anything online in this digital age. You expect that a company will keep your information safe, but nothing is foolproof. All that we ask is that if something of this magnitude were to happen, a company takes responsibility for it, takes the proper steps to safeguard information in the future, mitigate any potential damages, and re-establish their credibility: All things Eventbrite reportedly didn’t do.

What to do is you think you’ve been put at risk

If you feel as though you may be at risk due to this data breach we recommend that you monitor your bank accounts closely for any fraudulent activity, change all your passwords to all your accounts, and to potentially purchase identity monitoring services which will help you safeguard all your personal information while monitoring any potential identity theft threats. Keeping tabs on your credit scores will also help you better identify if your personal information is being used by a third party.