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These Thunderous Electric Zoo 2014 Live Sets Can’t Be Cancelled!

The last day of Electric Zoo may have been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been a crazy party. Intense live sets from Tritonal, The Chainsmokers, Carnage, Swanky Tunes, Dada Life, and more can get you to NYC in spirit. Electric Zoo has seen it’s share of controversy this year over it’s probably misguided drug harm reduction policies. Even EDM-spokesperson Tommie Sunshine has spoken out on Twitter about their “police state” policies of drug-sniffing dogs and intense security cameras.

Despite all of the controversy and thunderstorms, these Electric Zoo sets are sure to please. With all the great music also coming out of Bumbershoot this year, Labor Day weekend is a lightning rod for great electronic dance music. So listen and crazy-person dance in the safety of your own home, and know the only person watching you is that creepy neighbor next door…but hopefully not. Be sure to let us know which set is your favorite, and keep watch for even more great music from EZoo as it’s posted!