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Night Bass Records Releases ‘This is Night Bass Vol. 6’ [Review]

They did it again. This is Night Bass Vol. 6 was everything you could want and hope for from this heavy hitting roster. Snarling growls, tasteful wubs and all around nasty basslines filled this 10-track beauty recently released by Los Angeles-based Night Bass Records.

Vol 6 started off strong with a straight banger from boss daddy AC Slater himself along with Cause & Affect. To put it simply, listening to Dope Boy will make you feel like a very dope boy.

“I’m a m*f** dope boy,” a voice informs assertively from the speakers. “Whaddup?”

The breakdown has something about it that creates the kind of tension you might find before a fight scene in an action movie, and it builds perfectly into a drop that will get your subs and your feet moving.

The drop pretty much encapsulates what night bass is all about – groovy percussion supporting a wide and heavy bassline that fills out the mix without being overpowering. The two main synths featured in the heart of this track really seem to communicate and play off each other, and it makes for a tune that is sure to bring people to the dance floor and keep them there.

Flip ahead a few tracks and you’ll find Rush! By Sinden & Hotfire. The first minute of the track focuses intently on the drums, and the lack of other elements really sets the soundstage for what’s to come. At the one minute mark the music shifts into a breakdown/buildup section that is reminiscent of preparing for a big boss battle in your favorite video game.

A man who sounds like he should be narrating an old movie proclaims “I’m sure there’s going to be more than one unpleasant surprise before we’re done”. But the surprise isn’t unpleasant at all – it’s a heavily distorted bassline that really makes you feel like you’re fighting that final boss (and kicking its ass).

Ruff Hauser helped wind the album down with track number nine – Activate. This funky tune kicks off with some nice percussion and eerie synths to draw you in. As a voice begins to chant, “Activate….activate….activate….” you may begin to wonder, “What am I supposed to activate? Should I be doing something? Am I doing this right?”

“Activate, elevate, gyrate.” That’s the last thing you’ll hear before this monster of a drop. It breaks the tension of the build by offering a simple and groovy bassline that even your casual music listener would have a hard time not gyrating to. A lead comes in halfway through the drop that seams to croak and murmur over the top of the bass, and if you’re not fully activated at this point, you better call the doctor and get your ears checked.

This whole collection was outstanding as a whole, but those three tracks really stood out and did a pretty great job of representing the overall tone of This is Night Bass Vol. 6 – heavyweight bass, dark and eerie synths, and quirky, intriguing vocal samples. We don’t yet know when the Night Bass boys will be back in Seattle, but be sure to sign up for their newsletter to hear about future events, merchandise, releases and special perks.

Take a listen to Vol. 6 below and allow these bass pioneers to take you on a journey through the night.