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The Room is Too Big Tuesday 007: Blofeld’s Volcano Lair

Well, it was only a matter of time. 7 weeks to be exact. We were always going to approach episode “007” of The Room is Too Big Tuesday, making a James Bond reference practically an inevitability. If you really think about it too, few other fictional characters represent our favorite worst genre better than 007. He’s suave, resourceful, wildly popular among a wide audience, and widely reviled among his more “sophisticated” peers for his approach. But in the end, he gets the job done. If he just so happens to walk away from an exploding lair while pumping his fist along to W&W’s Bigfoot, you can bet we’d line right the fuck up on opening night for that movie.

“Put us in a room with someone who has no clue what this weekly feature is, and we’ll have an entire horrible genre explained and evangelized in less than a minute, guaranteed.”

Which takes us to this week’s location: Blofeld’s infamous Volcano Lair. Blofeld is one of the most notorious Bond villains ever to grace the silver the screen, boasting a lair that numbers itself among some of the most expensive movie sets ever built. It included an actual functioning helicopter pad, a full-scale Intruder rocket that could launched via crane, and a real working monorail system. Basically it was a big room Disneyland, fit for the most ridiculous music we could conjure from the depths of the Internet.

[authorbox authorid=”14″ title=”Nick’s Pick: Colours – Kayoed”]

This week’s pick had to be chosen very carefully. It required a meditation of sorts: I had to close my eyes, and picture myself walking into a Volcano Lair ready to fire a rocket out the bottom of a lake, so needless to say it needed to both deserving of our attention and fucking absurd. Colour’s Kayoed fit the bill to a tee, so beginning our petition to the producers of the new Bond movie to include an all-big room soundtrack that we’re sure will fit perfectly with the action.

[authorbox authorid=”966″ title=”Ted’s Pick: Loken – Sheikh (Marnik Remix)”]

Yalla habibi! Shit’s getting big this week. Marnik have long been two of my favorite Italian producers, and like all Italians have been apt to do throughout history, they conquered the known world with their remix of Sheikh by Loken. The first drop is your typical enormous big room monster that we’ve come to expect from the Marnik boys. The second however, is the real standout here. Like we saw in Gladiators, Marnik unleashes a torrent of festival trap that would make Slander blush. After not hearing much from Marnik the past couple months, it’s good to hear another enormous banger good enough to grace our esteemed column.