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The Room is Too Big Tuesday 003: The Rose Bowl

Well, we’re in Week 3 of The Room is Too Big Tuesday, and so far we’ve accomplished our one singular goal: Basking in the glory of dance music’s most ridiculous genre. You won’t catch us defending big room’s musical accomplishments (or really let’s face it, complete lack thereof). But try and tell us that every festival doesn’t need at least one DJ specializing in the oft-maligned genre and we’ll come after you like a dinosaur dual-wielding lightsabers riding a polar bear.

“Once a week, our goal is to recklessly drag the collective snobbery down kicking and screaming, just long enough to enjoy some of the most ridiculous fucking music we can find.”

This week, we’re going stateside as we touch down in the world-famous Rose Bowl. If you thought the Colosseum was massive, you haven’t been watching college football… well, ever. The stadium sits at a whopping 10 acres, with seating for upwards of 92,000 batshit crazy college fans. Given its lack of ceiling, we get the added advantage of not having to worry about blowing the roof off with the music we’ve picked for you this week. Check them below, and come back next Tuesday to find out where we’re off to next (Hint: It’s probably going to be way bigger).


[authorbox authorid=”14″ title=”Nick’s Pick: W&W – Rave After Rave”]

W&W made the transition from trance into big room long ago, and since then haven’t looked back. Enormous tracks like Bigfoot and Thunder have vaulted them into the elite for the genre, and straight to the top when it comes to stupidly cool names for their tracks. For Rave After Rave though, we see a departure from the “monsters and weather conditions” strategy of naming songs, for an offering that still manages to be just as huge. For anyone wondering what W&W will be naming their next single, you can likely find out from a focus group of 12 year olds who just watched all four Transformers movies in rapid succession.


[authorbox authorid=”966″ title=”Ted’s Pick: Marnik – Gladiators”]
Holy big room, Batman! This week features the most gargantuan track we’ve heard in months. DVBBS showed us long ago that they sit among the pantheon of the gods of big room. He and Jay Hardway are back on Spinnin records with Voodoo, a track that released early last month. The beginning of the track starts of with piano chords and violins, lulling the listener into a soon-to-be interrupted slumber. When we are finally greeted with the drop, there is no escaping the wall of sound that will smack you harder than the linebackers that usually fill the Rose Bowl. And like those linebackers, this track is one mean fucker. Once again, I’ve found another track that begs the question, “How can next week get any bigger?”