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The Room is Too Big Tuesday 002: The Colosseum

So. You’re back. Last week, you saw us kick off a feature seres about one of the most unapologetically ridiculous genres of dance music, and thought to yourself “finally, someone gets me.” Well, you’re right to feel that way. We all have our moments of thinking we’re above pumping our fists to a song that probably took all of thirty minutes to produce. Once a week though, our goal is to recklessly drag the collective snobbery down kicking and screaming, just long enough to enjoy some of the most ridiculous fucking music we can find. And you know what? That’s completely fine.

“Let’s face it: Big room is a ridiculous fucking genre. So why not revel in that?”

For our first episode, we took you to China’s Miao Room, the world’s largest supercave. This time around, we’re going for more of a man-made mega-structure approach, so without further ado: Welcome to the Roman Colosseum. Really, there’s no better place to revel in big room than a venue where god damn tigers regularly fought gigantic men carrying battle-axes. For anyone doubting the sheer mass of this week’s locale: The Colosseum has an 80,000 person capacity (just 12,000 short of the Rose Bowl’s), spanning 6 acres. It stands at 87 feet high, equivalent to the height of a 12-story building, and features 36 trap doors that we can only hope housed their best tigers.

[authorbox authorid=”14″ title=”Nick’s Pick: Rick Mitchells – Tactical Nuke”]
What’s big room without the classic “yell something your 12-year-old self would title their crayon-drawn homemade comicbook right before the drop” strategy? Rick Mitchells’ track this week (as featured on W&W’s podcast) does just that, letting loose a resounding “TACTICAL NUKE, INCOMING,” before tumbling into an exploding war zone of sound. Is it easy, and at times even a little lazy? You’re damn right it is. But until we run out of awesome shit to name our big room tracks, I have a hard time objecting.

[authorbox authorid=”966″ title=”Ted’s Pick: Marnik – Gladiators”]
When choosing my track for this week, only one seemed appropriate considering our choice of venue. It’s of course none other than the titanic banger from Dim Mak: Gladiators by Marnik. And while Marnik isn’t the biggest name out there, this track sure as hell is. It starts with one of the most anticipatory builds I’ve ever encountered, followed by an enormous drop that would even make Russell Crowe blush. I’m not sure what’s more brutal, an actual gladiatorial battle, or this track. By the end, you feel as though Marnik’s actually reaching through the speakers and grabbing you by the throat screaming, “are you not entertained?!”