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Get Spooked This Halloween With a Different Kind of DJ Movie

"Some souls are better left lost."

There have been several DJ and electronic movie depictions in the last couple years. We have been hesitant on their portrayals, as we feel they are often cliche representations of EDM. Many consider the recent portrayals of electronic culture over the top to the point it’s almost satirical. We’ve always wondered what might constitute a good DJ movie, and another director is seeking to break the mold this Halloween. The Red Man takes a much darker approach to incorporating EDM culture. This mystery/horror movie shows us the DJ lifestyle as one aspect of the greater story, rather than solely basing the movie on it.

The plot follows Evan Gough, a once big-name DJ battling addiction and various other psychological issues. He struggles with fame, fortune, and transparent friends when he loses his stardom. As problems arise from stress, he becomes suspicious of his psychiatrist and new neighbor in his upscale apartment tower. After leery incidents occur to other celebrity tenants in his building, Evan tries to decipher between the lines of reality and fantasy.

The Red Man explores various themes spanning from addiction, the essence of the music industry, and psychological afflictions. These issues are all too relevant as many artists are retiring from dance music. This has created a dialogue about the faults of the industry and its affect on artists mental health.

Directed by Jimmie Gonzalez, this independent movie has already won two film festival awards for Best Screenplay and Supporting Actor in a feature film. This thriller is set to release on iTunes October 25th, just in time for Halloween. We think the trailers look (surprisingly) not bad. It’s about time directors stopped thinking we only want to see movies about what it’s like to be a DJ, and use them as characters in larger stories. So, will this be the DJ movie we’ve all been hoping for?

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