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The Paradiso Set Times Are Here, Good Luck Choosing

It’s here. The moment you’ve been waiting for; the official set times for Paradiso. Unless of course, you’re more excited about the actual festival, EDC this weekend, an upcoming promotion at work…there’s any number of things you could be waiting for as well. But, the set time announcements are pretty cool too.

However, the unveiling of the schedule does add a new layer of stress to the Paradiso attendee. With so many fantastic acts, it’s nearly impossible to make a decision as to which set to attend. The Knife Party, Ilan Bluestone, Yellow Claw conflict is daunting, to say the least—and that’s just from a single hour on the first day!

paradiso set times_result

The caliber of artists USC is bringing to The Gorge this year is nothing short of legendary. If you’re looking for which sets to hit, our very own Heath Harshman put together a pretty comprehensive list of the must-see acts you may not be super familiar with, and if you can squeeze them into your festival schedule, we highly recommend doing so.

We’re counting down the days to Paradiso, and each announcement only gets us more and more excited—June 26th can’t come quickly enough. Let us hear your schedule plans on Facebook, Twitter, and in our comments section! To be honest, we could use some ideas on how best to tackle these set times.