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The Next Chapter For Dance Music Northwest

Shambhala 2014
DMNW out in full force at Shambhala

When Dance Music Northwest started in May 2013, we had a simple vision: Elevate our locals and the level of discourse within the greater EDM scene. We’ve overcome lots of obstacles trying to break new ground in the PNW, and now it’s time for us to take the next step. The days of DMNW simply reporting any and everything that runs on every other dance music site are at an end, as are the ways our content is delivered.  We strive to be the Mothership of Pacific Northwest EDM, and we’re evolving to continue achieving that mission. Notice our new Alien mascot?

Stepping Back and Getting Focused

Moving forward, our goal is to make all coverage on DMNW local in some way, shape, or form. Did deadmau5 have another rough day on Twitter? Great, because the story we run won’t look anything like the 16 others you read across the EDM blogosphere. We’ll seek to answer two questions: 1. What about this story is relevant to you, our audience here in the Northwest, and 2. What are the widespread ramifications of what’s happening? The article we run won’t be out to clickbait you with a title claiming, “You Wouldn’t Believe What deadmau5 Said This Time.” Our stories will look to ask questions that inspire discussion, not simply pull in pageviews: How is social media changing the landscape of music? Is deadmau5 serving a useful purpose with his regular outbursts? How is this relevant to the Northwest as a whole?

You’re tired of clickbaity regurgitated news, and quite honestly so are we. So consider this a promise from us, your local source for elevating the local scene: No more.

Changing The Way Our News is Delivered

Social media has made disseminating news easier than ever. But that sword cuts both ways. Nobody wants the same article showing up in seven Facebook groups. Such a strategy is impersonal, intrusive, and frankly goes against everything we’re trying to achieve. With that, our Marketing Team will be getting a facelift to address this problem.

Soon, DMNW team members will be out on the streets at your favorite events, talking with you, our readers, about what you want to see and where to find it. We’ll be utilizing other avenues to ensure our message is both wide-reaching and welcome by all. In the midst of all this we’ll be looking to diversify our local partnerships while forging new ones, leaving no stone unturned in our mission to elevate dance music.

In the meantime, our mission statement has been reworked to reflect all this, and our site design as been revamped to accommodate our move into focus and simplicity. Give it a read here, let us know what you think, and stay tuned in the coming weeks as these changes take hold. We have a ton of big changes coming, and we’re beyond excited to be taking the next step in what’s been a long and rewarding journey. We hope you’ll continue along for the ride.

Thank you so much for being a fan.

The DMNW Team

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