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The New Wave of French Electronic Music: Bromance Records

While it is easy to look no further than Daft Punk’s supremacy in French electronic music, the tastes and execution of the country’s musicians are as delectable as its cuisine.  With a rise of talent, packaged with raw grit and attitude, France is moving from the days of club head bangers to the dark and insidious underside of electronic music: Techno. Exhibiting a flair that could only be described as French, Bromance Records has begun to pave the way to a new era in electronic music. Welcome to the new wave.

Lead by Louis Roge, better known by his stage name Brodinski, Bromance Records carries some of Paris’ heaviest techno hitters. While Gesaffelstein and Maelstrom sit atop the label’s depth chart, its stacked roster bears the name of some the movement’s finest in Louisahhh!!! and Club Cheval. The release of the label’s first compilation “Homieland Vol 1” showcases a soundscape that is the lifeblood currently fueling late Parisian nights, with dance floor bangers that speak of a new international sound. The double release additionally features artists described as the “friends of Bromance,” and clearly establishes a community of leaders in this new wave of electronic music, spearheaded by the likes Para One and Jimmy Edgar. 

As the consumption of electronic music in America continues to grow, the propensity of over-saturating the scene with the same exhausting and overplayed sounds serves to stunt the growth and maturity of our burgeoning market. While Bromance may not be the palette that expands your horizons, the label serves as a reminder for the great vision that still exists beyond the grip of mainstream dance music. If you can (or if you can’t) get into this sound let us know on Facebook or Twitter.