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The Many Things We Learned From The Glitch Mob’s AMA

On Friday, April 13, The Glitch Mob hosted an AMA on Reddit. For those unfamiliar, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. They’re Q&A threads often on the subreddit IAMA, which go something like: “I/we are ____, ask me/us anything!” It’s hosted many varieties of celebrity or noteworthy person interaction threads.

This particular thread was on the electronic music subreddit. As you can imagine, many fans jumped on this opportunity to delve into what really makes The Glitch Mob tick. The not-so-mysterious music trio was more than willing to divulge various truths about themselves, their production habits, upcoming projects, their mascot, and their affiliated project 29 Palms, among other things.

Some of the questions were pretty light-hearted and fun. The kind that drive a whimsical or derpy interaction between fan and artist that leaves a warm, maybe confused smile on your face.

/u/-phototrope: “What kind of cat is Misha? Seriously adorable. Also thx for the music.”

/u/-Mr_Munch-: “Do you have a favorite musical?”

/u/DerNalia: “can any of you do a backflip?”

Some questions were a bit more personal. Some deeper delving into the minds of these guys and how they felt based on their experiences.

/u/evilmoji: “Lots of music groups break up after some time, but you 3 have been together for 12 years. How do you make it work?”

/u/whatshouldmaryjane: “Tell us about 29 Palms! Is there an artist you can compare yourselves to in order to give us Shambhala-ers a taste?”

/u/dark2elite: “Got any treats coming to Shambhala this year?”

One bold user, /u/alpacasb4llamas: “OOAH, what’s it like dating a pornstar?”

Other questions were technical, interested in the workings of their art from a physical, mental, and spiritual standpoint.

/u/dankoctopus asks: “Can we expect any more mixtapes? Crush Mode is one of my all-time favorites. You guys rock.”

/u/kyleksq: “What is your favorite synth / are your favorite synths (hardware speaking)?”

After a heartfelt admiration for their progression as artists and their dedication to what they do, /u/Skidoobles asks: “Will the visual aspect of the new blade design differ from the last tour?”

The Glitch Mob perform on their stage set The Blade, The Governors Ball 2014. Photo Credit:

/u/SNAXJ asks: “What do you guys use to playback your visuals live?”

/u/1337dood: “When you have a creative block, like totally stumped and having a tough time getting motivated when making a song, what do you do to bypass that?”

In the end we learned not only about The Glitch Mob. We also learned a little bit about what their fans love. If you want to see the rest of the AMA you can find it here!

If you could ask them any question, what would you want to know? What would you ask other artists? Let us know in the comments!

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