The Difficulties Of Being An Artist: Sasha Opens Up On Mental Health

Inspiring generations of DJs, Alexander Coe, also known as Sasha, opens up about the difficulties of being a DJ. Not knowing it would lead into a life time career, Coe began producing music at 18, receiving the name “Son of God.” With a growing fan base, it took Coe years to realize that he had some fame attached to him and quickly had to overcome his insecurities.

With the death of Avicii earlier this year, Coe opens up about his own personal struggles with lack of sleep, stress, and anxiety. Although there has been some tragedies in the dance music industry, a positive outcome can come from opening up about mental health.

I think it’s great that people are feeling like they can talk about things right now because that wasn’t actually there before — it feels like people are talking about things and not feeling ashamed to talk about issues and that’s just great because some of this stuff is difficult to talk about.

– Alexander Coe

Overall we think it is great that the music industry has come a long ways and is more open to help others out. What other topics do you think the music industry should be having? Comment below to let us know what you think!