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The Dance Music Diaries, Episode 10: Michael Manahan

It almost seems like a foregone conclusion that we’ll be impressed upon listening to every new episode of The Dance Music Diaries. On a weekly basis, they’re churning out spectacularly interesting interviews with some of our regions greatest luminaries. It’s easy to forget where came from when dance music is constantly moving forward, but it’s also important to take a second to remember the people who got us to where we are now. That theme resonates with this week’s guest better than most with Michael Manahan arriving in the studio.

Manahan is a man of many hats. As an event producer, DJ, and sound tech he’s found himself firmly entrenched in every aspect of the Northwest music scene. This all culminated in his creation of the Cascadia Music and Arts Festival, making for his biggest and most successful project yet. Listen in to his full interview below, follow The Dance Music Diaries on Facebook here, and tune in every Thursday for new content!