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Ten Years of Aufect Recordings: Then to Now

If you’re at all a fan of bass music, chances are you’ve rinsed out an Aufect tune.

They were formed in 2008 by Vancouver legend Patrick Cure, in order to showcase the seemingly endless line of west coast talent, especially in the bass music vein.

Responsible for early releases for such talent as Snak the Ripper, Levrige, Mark Instinct, and countless other major players in today’s scene, Aufect early on established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. After bringing on local rockstar HxDB in 2011, the two worked tirelessly to bring themselves to the forefront.

Over the years, the label continued to search for the best new bass music, constantly morphing and always building with friends. The Aufect back-catalog is a diverse mixture of Dubstep, Bass House, UK Garage, Club, Footwork, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Techno and just about everything you could imagine in-between.

As their testament to the love of all things bass, the duo (Cure and HxdB) continued to cultivate music from exciting Canadian talent, as they themselves were cultivating a new partnership in the musical collaboration, GREAZUS. At the label’s core is the concept of collaboration, and they feel proud to work with, and help develop talent.

After putting in the work and making strides, placing themselves at the top of the heap for exquisite bass music, and becoming a known force at Bass Coast Festival, they found themselves at the 10-year mark. What better way to celebrate such a milestone and deserved achievement than with a compilation of the best and brightest from the label, and a tour to showcase just what they have to offer. Thus, Aufect X.

Spanning countless genres and dozens of artists, Aufect X is a masterpiece of sound. With the label’s flagship group Greazus (made up off label heads Cure and HxDB) as well as painted bass music pioneer Abstrakt Sonance, mustachioed newcomer Shiny Things, new kid on the block Strange Thing, Sister Mary, the brand new alias from heavy hitter Mark Instinct, as well as many more.

The album is available to stream or buy at the Aufect website.

To go along with this, the label has split off and headed on tour, bringing their sonic frequencies and low end weirdness to cities near you! Dates and tickets also available on the site above.

We don’t know exactly where they’re going next, but if the last 10 years is any indication, they’re really just getting started.

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