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I Was A Teenage Raver Part 2: My First Party (Opinion)

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As mentioned in Part 1, I’m Jamie and I began raving when I was a teenager. This allowed me to infiltrate the ranks of the electronic music scene quickly and allowed my career to blossom rapidly from a young age. Starting with old bush raves in the summer of 2005, I networked and made my way around the scene in an age before social media, and before long, I was sitting in on conversations that would change the game forever.

It was January of 2007, and we were sitting in the offices of 4TheMusic. Which, at the time, was Monty’s living room, and the crew was getting together to discuss events for the next year. I was able to sit along in the meeting, mostly cause at that point I was just constantly underfoot. It was that meeting when I started to really gain a behind the scenes perspective about these parties that I became obsessed with. Let me tell ya, I was HOOKED. I really got a feeling that I could do this.

Another member of this meeting was my old buddy Devan, and that night we started story boarding our first event, a continuation of his event from the summer prior called Summer Breaks Up. Devan and I decided to do part 2, or as we called it, Pt DUH. We planned it for August 31st, and put together a lineup of Vancouver island heavy weights, crossed our fingers and prayed.

We managed to pull it all together too, with a surprise renegade stage. It actually turned out to be one of the largest and most well-received events of the summer. This was a pretty large surprise to us both, considering the lack of work that really went into our first venture.

It was after that show that I realized I might be better off on my own, which was an ambitious goal for someone who hadn’t even turned 17 yet. But nevertheless, I built myself a name, a brand, and J-Gib Promotions was officially born. I set off booking my first ever show on my own, now all I needed was a name. . .

Next time, we’ll chat about the process that brought us one of the more recognizable names on Vancouver Island, Superfriends!

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