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Tchami and Malaa Announce Two Additional NO REDEMPTION Tour Stops

Tchami and Malaa are back, and this time with two massive shows! They announced this week that they would be making two big additional stops in the United States for their No Redemption tour. In May get ready for Malaa and Tchami to bring the power. Their two stops include Bill Graham in San Francisco, CA on May 4 and Red Rocks in Morrison, CO on May 11.

Malaa was recently in Portland, and the energy that night was beyond anything we had seen before. His following is extremely captivated by, “Who is Malaa?” and to be honest, we are too. When Tchami performed in Seattle and Portland, we danced all night long. They are both so full of theatrics, high energy and intense sets on their own, we are stocked to have them together.

Though we are disappointed that they are not doing more stops in the United States that are in the Northwest, both stops are at least not that far from us. Tickets are on sale now with the pre-sale code, NOREDEMPTION.

Will you be taking a trip to see this duo? Let us know in the comments below.

Tchami and Malaa NO REDEMPTION Red Rocks Bill Graham