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ZHU Cancels Upcoming Tour

ZHU recently announced that his Dune Tour Part II would be canceled. About a month ago ZHU announced his new tour that would cover a number of states. But recently he turned to social media to announce that the tour would be canceled to focus

Prepare For The Next Anonymous Producer, ‘marshmello’

The beauty of the Digital Age lies not merely in accessibility of information, but also in anonymity. Ideas and creations are able to gain traction on their own merit, beyond the credibility provided by a well-known name. The music scene in particular benefits extensively from

Zhu Reveals Mystery Of His Identity

One of the biggest sources of buzz during the last half of 2014 was the mystery surrounding Zhu. His hit Faded got many tongues wagging and many remixes were made of it, and yet we had no idea who was behind it all. He first popped