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The Chainsmokers Teams Up With Daily News Project

The iconic duo, The Chainsmokers, teamed up with Daily News Project to release a collection for all streetwear lovers. Daily News Project is a Toronto streetwear brand. Keeping the designs simple and classic, they’re fitting for all genders. The Chainsmokers are one of the first big

3 “Huh?” Moments in EDM Last Week

There’s a request out for music made at a ludicrously low tempo, an artist shared an incredibly inspirational and personal story featuring brain surgery, and another artist had their show canceled due to hotel booking issues with the venue. Huh? Finding the proper response to

Research Says: the Chainsmokers Aren’t That Popular in the PNW

Unless You Live In Pullman....

Since releasing their biggest hit to-date, Closer, last year, The Chainsmokers have sky-rocketed to stardom that extends beyond the world of electronic dance music. Since Closer‘s release, the duo of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall have been touring the globe and promoting their debut studio