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Spotify Makes New Changes For 2019

Ever hear a song pop up on your Spotify from an artist that you strongly dislike? Well, Spotify listened, and is now offering a way to fix that. Spotify will now let you mute artists that you’d rather not hear. Hitting the “don’t play this

How Streaming Services Are Democratizing Music Business

A series of indie artist-focused initiatives from Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music in 2019 have label executives watching the streaming market warily as major streaming services continue to disrupt the label-centered music business model; with none other than Spotify at the front of the action.

Music Consumption Keeps Growing, As Album Sales Plummet

Streaming services have permanently altered the landscape of the music industry. As Rolling Stone reported, physical album sales and direct downloads continue to drop. On the other hand, streaming services continued to grow tremendously over the last year, and brought music consumption to an all-time