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Music Consumption Keeps Growing, As Album Sales Plummet

Streaming services have permanently altered the landscape of the music industry. As Rolling Stone reported, physical album sales and direct downloads continue to drop. On the other hand, streaming services continued to grow tremendously over the last year, and brought music consumption to an all-time

Independent Labels Took Dance Music by Storm in 2018

In 2018, we witnessed an immense presence of independent dance labels. Though the genre’s always had strong ties to independent labels, this year felt like a full-on reinvigoration of the independent label ethos of dance music. Long-standing labels like Mad Decent and Anjunabeats continued their domination,

What You Need to Know About the Spotify, Bluewater Lawsuit

Despite major wins for streaming services under the Music Modernization Act, Spotify is still struggling with a 2017 lawsuit from Bluewater Music Group. The lawsuit, which came from Spotify’s alleged failure to obtain mechanical licenses prior to streaming, has the potential to decide exactly which

What Is Ableton’s Loop Conference?

Ableton’s Loop conference has been around since 2015, but this year’s event was the first to take place in the United States. The German company decided to move the conference stateside this year in hopes of providing producers without the ability to travel a chance to