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53 Years Ago Today, Robert Moog Dropped the First Keyboard Synthesizer

This Month In Electronic Music History, Vol. 8: October

The history of electronic music is vast and not always commonly discussed. Our segments provide us an opportunity to explore some of the various developments from its initial beginnings to now. For those that followed us from the beginning, welcome back! To those just reading
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Iconic BBC Radio 1 Premiered 50 Years Ago Today

This Month in Electronic Music History, Vol 7: September

Electronic music provided listeners with a diversity of experiences for decades. Exploring the history of electronic music helps us further appreciate genres we love today. Join us for Volume 7 as we celebrate the anniversary of one of the most regarded radio shows and more!
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This Month in Electronic Music History, Vol 6: August

Since its earliest beginnings, electronic music has been continuously evolving. From the first computers, to pioneering electronic instruments, to the artists that have been around for years (even decades), and even the clubs, festivals, and genres that developed over time, there’s a vast amount of
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This Month in Electronic Music History, Vol 5: July

The electronic music we know today has evolved immensely since its beginnings, even after it broke into the mainstream in recent years. Learning about the history of some of our favorite genres, artists, events, and labels helps us to understand and fully appreciate the growth
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