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Prydz to Reveal New Holographic Stage at Tomorrowland

Succeeding his previous holographically-enhanced stage, Eric Prydz promises to reveal his most technologically advanced stage both weekends of Tomorrowland this July. Continuing the concepts behind the earlier EPIC graphics, EPIC: HOLOSPHERE required the Swedish DJ-producer and his team to develop their own technology to make

Eric Prydz Makes EPIC Announcements for 2016

Fellow Northwesterners, if you thought you were stoked when Reddit Top 100 DJ winner Eric Prydz was announced to headline Resolution 2016, how must you feel now? In addition to the recent announcement and selling out the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver on January 2, we are

Eric Prydz Uploads Nine Minute Opus To Soundcloud

Those lucky enough to be in the crowd at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas during the finale of Eric Prydz’s set should recognize this track. For the rest of us, this nine minute long epic anthem of progressive house, Opus, graced our ears through Soundcloud, where Prydz