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Prydz to Reveal New Holographic Stage at Tomorrowland

Succeeding his previous holographically-enhanced stage, Eric Prydz promises to reveal his most technologically advanced stage both weekends of Tomorrowland this July. Continuing the concepts behind the earlier EPIC graphics, EPIC: HOLOSPHERE required the Swedish DJ-producer and his team to develop their own technology to make

Pezzner Hosts First EPIC Party at Re-Bar

Hunt & Gather Records Present EPIC First Fridays

We are living in a music world vastly different than the pioneering selektors of EDM. Even with Max Graham regularly coming through to do an open to close, solo acts have become rare. Seattle’s Pezzner is looking to change that by hosting and headlining the

Eric Prydz Goes EPIC With 3-Hour Podcast

Swedish dance music legend Eric Prydz took to his ‘EPIC Radio’ podcast to discuss and showcase what EPIC is all about. EPIC, an acronym for ‘Eric Prydz in Concert’, is the way Prdyz sets himself apart from other more generic and repeatable concerts and shows.