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Iconic BBC Radio 1 Premiered 50 Years Ago Today

This Month in Electronic Music History, Vol 7: September

Electronic music provided listeners with a diversity of experiences for decades. Exploring the history of electronic music helps us further appreciate genres we love today. Join us for Volume 7 as we celebrate the anniversary of one of the most regarded radio shows and more!
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Reliving This Year’s What The Festival, Their Best Yet

What The Festival has garnered incredible support throughout its 6 years of awesomeness. From diverse music to striking visual arts, to interactive chill-out zones, it has established itself as a NW staple in the festival scene. This year the festival seemed to take a new direction,
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This Month in Electronic Music History, Vol 2: April

Disco, house, techno, jungle, drum and bass, dubstep–it all originated somewhere. Since the first electronic-based instrument in the late 1890s, to the emergence of synthetic instruments in progressive rock groups, and up until the days of mainstream EDM that we know today, there is a vast
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The History of Electronic Music and How Classics Still Define Modern EDM

At DMNW, we love researching the various aspects of electronic music. It’s valuable to consider and discuss its history, and how the characteristics of electronic music evolved into today’s culture. While electronic music surrounds us in today’s mainstream, it’s important to examine how the classics shaped this movement.
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