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Rumors Suggest Datsik Is Already Making New Music

Just last March, the EDM world was rocked by the numerous sexual assault allegations made against Datsik. The Canadian producer and DJ was less than gracious about the accusations, and the resulting fallout cost him his home label. Many artists have since come forward denouncing the

Pacific Northwest Local Artist Spotlight | OmegaMode

OmegaMode is turning heads around the globe for crafting meticulous basslines, thrilling arrangements, and his genre-breaking style. He is dominating the bass music scene in Seattle as of late. Plus, his skills behind the decks and preparation in the studio definitely prove his talent will lift

7 Reasons Why Dubstep Isn’t Dead

Contrary to popular belief, bass music is alive and thriving

The prevailing opinion among many so-called “experts” over recent years is that dubstep is a dying genre. We’re here to refute this claim. In fact, we’re of the opinion that bass music is experiencing a golden age the likes of which the genre’s never seen. It’s