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Do You Want To Build A… Speaker? Disney Does!

Disney may be best known for their characters, some of whom have become beloved by the EDM community. (Cheshire cat anyone?) Others may know Disney best for their epic theme parks or their phenomenal soundtracks. What some of you may not about Disney is their

Disney’s Latest In Their EDM Foray? “Levels”

Disney has been under fire lately for treating some of the better-known artists very fairly. While some of them are refusing to do Disney’s building, others seem to not have a problem being friendly with the mouse. The latest addition to Disney’s adventures in EDM

Star Wars and Flux Pavilion: This Oughta Be Good

Disney is making some pretty cool moves with EDM lately, provided you aren’t a DJ who actually wears mouse ears. Earlier this year we were treated to DConstructed, an album full of some of our favorite DJ’s takes on classic Disney songs. Prior to that we