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Super Square Displays Genre-Bending Talent With “Into Me”

At DMNW, we love following the developments of local artists. The local Seattle trio, Super Square, had a monumental 2016, with more to anticipate for 2017. The year included a debut performance at Seattle’s own Bumbershoot Festival, along with a release on Impossible Records. Impossible Records, started by KJ Sawka in 2015, is a label that “conquer(s) with bass” and “destroy(s) with drums.”

Super Square consists of DJ Jimmy Hits, producer A_Rival, and vocalist Helen Eugene. The group originally developed as a way to bring new artistry to the prototypical DJ set. Super Square’s knowledgeable musical background gives them the skills to be able to produce, write and sing their own tracks, as well as choreograph live performances.

The trio released the track Push on Impossible Records in November 2016. The track strays from some of their earlier pop- centered electronic style, and incorporates more of a future bass percussion line. Its harmonious, uplifting vocals provide a vivacious dance beat.

Super Square’s newest release on Impossible Records Into Me continues to showcase their “open format” style. This track, released on January 20th, instills the trios ability to vary in their stylistic techniques. Into Me exhibits the powerful, yet melodic vocals and vibrant chord progressions present in Push. In contrast though, the breakdowns (instrumentals) throughout Into Me are much heavier, including elements of dubstep. As a result, you hear a track with a dynamic, energetic beat that will make you sing along one minute and head bang the next.

Super Square is also performing in Seattle on January 21st for Trinity Nightclub’s Reload Saturday. Super Square will feature in Trinity’s Main Room, while hip-hop artists perform in the Blue Room. You can sign up for guestlist (before 11) here. Otherwise, it is a $15 cover for the night.

Are there additional new releases from local artists this week? This month? What other new releases are coming out on your favorite labels? Share your responses with us in the comments below!