Super Geek League To Bring Acrobats, Fire, and So Much More to Paradiso

Act 4: FIRE!

Super Geek Leagues Fire Team

As the sun goes down and the darkness starts to settle over Paradiso, festival goers will be pleasantly surprised to see the Fire Team light up the night with fire performances and pyrotechnics. (Who doesn’t like the excitement pyrotechnics offer?!) The  crew of Fire Performers will demonstrate a variety of skills from spinning, balancing and even flame throwing throughout the dark desert skies.

Along with Super Geek Leagues talented fire performers, there will be an exclusive fire stage that will debut one-of-a-kind “Flaming Tornado” which will begin at 10pm. So if you’re looking for a break from all of the dancing, be sure to mosey over to the fire stage to take a break while still being entertained!

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Paradiso Fire Performer

Paradiso Fire Performer Photo Credit: AJ Apuya Photography