Super Geek League To Bring Acrobats, Fire, and So Much More to Paradiso

Act 1: Welcome To Paradiso 2014!

Super Geek League Marching Band and Paradiso Macaw

Paradiso Festival is an event that people start planning and actually buying their tickets for, as early as November. After 8 long months of waiting has finally come to a visible end, Super Geek League has made it a point to celebrate the finish line. Rather in this case, the entrance!  When festival attendees enter the gates of Paradiso Festival they will be welcomed with a collection of electronic dance music tunes from the Paradiso Marching Band as well as Super Geek League’s stilted creatures , Paradiso Macaw.

Both the Pardiso Marching Band and Paradiso Macaw will be strolling around the entrance and festival grounds greeting festival goers. After the long wait for this day to come, Super Geek League has made this the warmest of homecomings. The Super Geek League characters and performers will also be handing out Paradiso Programs so don’t fret if you forgot yours at home! You’ll also be more than welcome to take photos and pose with the characters roaming around!

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Paradiso Macaw

Paradiso Macaw Photo Credit: AJ Apuya Photography