Boise’s Jakzon Shows Sublime What He’s Got

jakzon live

Boise’s Jakzon is doing BIG things in the electronic bass scene.

Summer is all about the care-free, feel-good music, and Sublime is high up on the list. Drop a few Sublime singles in your road-trip playlist, and you are a homie; but tackle the sacred What I Got and turn it into a bass-fueled festival trap anthem? You might just be our generation’s musical savior. Well folks, it’s time you get familiar with Jakzon. This Boise boy has been making big moves, climbing up the ladder with guidance and support of his label, Knowledge Records. Jakzon constantly pushes the boundaries of bass genres, with a creative mind that is heard loud and clear in his productions. His own rendition of Sublime’s What I Got also shows off his fearlessness and courage to tackle on the big projects, because let’s be honest: One does not simply remix Sublime without full intent of kicking major ass in doing so. We give Jakzon’s re-work 5-stars for a fresh take on an old summer favorite. If you love it too, be sure to throw Jakzon some major support and download the track for free from his Soundcloud!

jakzon black and white sublime what i got

Even HeRobust and R/D are new Jakzon fans after his wild opening at BeatfreQ IV last week!

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