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KSO’s Debut Album is a Must-Listen for Bassline Fans

Kissy Sell Out is well known for fusing the sounds of house, techno, hip-hop, and experimental music in a unique and memorable way, that can only be defined as “KSO.” Perhaps one of the most impressive accolades of the artist, he composed classical and post-modern music for the 2012 London Olympics ceremonies in Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace.

His crew of collaborators is far too extensive to name them all properly, and he is without a doubt one of the pillars of the evolving genre of bassline, better known as the UK-influenced fusion of hip-hop and bass house. For fans of Claude VonStroke, EPROM, GAWP, Alix Perez, and Foreign Beggars, KSO has got you covered. His debut bassline album is an exploration of these style and genre influences, with a well developed consideration of production elements.


We can’t stop listening to this amazing collaboration with JG, Step Back, an anthem for the underground. KSO has truly pulled out the heavy artillery for this album, as the samples, rhymes, and beats are absolutely massive, the likes of which we haven’t heard before in this dimension. Hip-hop, jungle, drum and bass, and house are lengthily steeped together in an unforgettable medley of sonic influences.

The album has a huge range, exemplified by the melodic and bassy take from KSO of I Got 5 On It (ft. Hyperactive MC). The breakdowns ooze classic hip-hop nostalgia, while the drop destroys subwoofers and melts hearts. All of the tracks are DJ friendly, something that’s a surprise to no one, considering KSO’s friendly relationship with Pioneer DJ, acting as a brand ambassador and performer. The album also offers an excellent listening experience on nice headphones; we used our Sennheiser HD650s and enjoyed the 13 tracks straight through.

We might have an exclusive interview coming your way with KSO, so stay tuned for that announcement soon!

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