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Steve Aoki & Gerard Way Team Up For ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ 10th Anniversary Remix

Electronic music often takes its roots from multiple genres. Several artists also remix popular rock, metal, hip-hop, and rap throwbacks. Dubstep and headbanging music have similarities to metal and grunge, while funk takes root from traditional, brass instruments. It’s always fun for us to find remixes and new tracks with techniques from other genres. Even hearing remixes of throwbacks at a show is always a blast. Well, the newest genre-crossing collab is about to get you reminiscing on your youthful angst.

Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance teamed up with Steve Aoki to release a 10th anniversary remix of Welcome to the Black Parade. MCR’s debut album Welcome to the Black Parade imprinted the emo, punk-rock scene. The title song, and No. 1 single, Welcome to the Black Parade helped solidify MCR as an arena, headlining act, and was dubbed one of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s “500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll.”

Gerard Way reached out to Steve Aoki to capture Welcome to the Black Parade‘s pounding angst in a dance track. Way wanted to keep a similar flow to the song, along with his iconic melancholy lyrics. Steve Aoki has worked with various well-known punk-rock artists including Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, and Blink-182. The remix has a blend of electro flair to coordinate with the traditional punk sound, which brings a different mix of old and new. Of the remix, Gerard Way stated:

“When you’ve written a song, sometimes it’s really hard to wrap your brain around what somebody else is doing, or maybe the way that they see the song. But right away, I really loved his remix. And what I love about it is the sounds are phenomenal, and he’s kept the intensity, and I think in some ways, the purpose of the song.”

What do you think of Aoki’s interpretation of My Chemical Romance’s classic song? What are some of your other favorite remixes of throwback or cross-genre songs? Share your responses with us in the comments below.