Steve Aoki Is Coming To Seattle Tomorrow, Here Are Some of His Best Cake Throws To Brighten Your Day

Steve Aoki, and his Kolony Tour, are taking over the Showbox Sodo in Seattle Wednesday night. Featuring Aoki’s most complicated stage production, and massive support from rapper Desiigner, Grandtheft, rapper Bok Nero, Ricky Remedy, and Max Styler, you can expect the party to be dialed all the way to 💯. One more thing to expect? Cake. And plenty of it.

What started off as a small stunt early in his career, the Aoki Cake Throw has become synonymous with his sets. During his “Cake Face” segments, the charasmatic DJ/Producer heaves large cakes at targeted crowd members with so much force, that they often explode on impact- covering the victims, and the people around them, with sweet deliciousness. Take a look!

This guy should be a Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback. Look at this throw!

So how does Aoki pick his targets? He reveals the more energetic you are, the better your chances of getting decimated via frosted desert:

”When you see fans begging to be caked, and how happy they are afterwards, it’s like scoring a touchdown. The whole place erupts and joins in that happiness.”

The last time Aoki was in Seattle, he performed one of the more memorable sets of Lucky 2016. While he won’t be at Lucky 2018 on Saturday, his Wednesday show is the perfect way to get rave ready! Doors open at 8 PM, and tickets are still available- starting at $39.50+ fees. Who’s ready for some cake?!