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We Are a Community: Staying PLURR in the Midst of Chaos

When tragedy strikes it’s hard to know what to do or how to feel. It’s hard to process your own emotions, especially when social media makes it so easy to be bombarded by other peoples’ opinions and feelings; and not all of them may be agreeable to you. In the last week we have seen terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad that totaled a body count of more than 180, and left many more injured.

We’re seeing countries as well as individuals show their solidarity for France by displaying the colors of their flag on buildings and over Facebook profile pictures. You can say it’s not enough or that our attention should be more widespread, or that it should be focused elsewhere entirely. Maybe it’s not enough, and maybe it should be more widespread. Frankly, those are opinions that are only yours to have and we are not here to push anything on you.

Pray For The World

In addition to the horrific terrorist attacks led by ISIS, we also lost a member of the dance music community. Kaylyn Sommer went missing from the Mad Decent Boat Party after she jumped from the cruise liner. The festival was brought to an early end and the ship has since docked back in Miami. Some alleged that it was a twerk-gone-wrong, others that she just plain jumped. No matter what the case, she was a wife, mother, and person who the U.S. Coast Guard has suspended their search for. Some reactions to her disappearance have been nothing short of tasteless.

This is a scary time across the world. It’s been heartbreaking to see the responses all across the internet from friends, coworkers, family, and even artists that we respect. Kill Paris has decided to change his moniker to Chill Harris in light of the attack on Paris. Other DJs, particularly from France, have shown their sadness and support over social media.

Couple Hugs at Forecastle

PLURR is more important now than it ever has been.

What we ask of you as members of the dance music community and as young people, citizens of the world, is that you go about your actions and reactions with PLURR in mind. Hope for Peace, Love each other, stand together in Unity, Respect each other, and be Responsible in your actions and message.

We may act like a bunch of crazy kids who just like to dance, and yes that is a part of who we are. But we are also much more than that. We are the next generation. Let’s be a generation of compassionate and empathetic people. Let’s bring our mantra of PLURR beyond the dance parties and out into the world, because it could really use it right now.