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Star Wars and Flux Pavilion: This Oughta Be Good

Disney is making some pretty cool moves with EDM lately, provided you aren’t a DJ who actually wears mouse ears. Earlier this year we were treated to DConstructed, an album full of some of our favorite DJ’s takes on classic Disney songs. Prior to that we also got to enjoy Tron: Legacy Reconfigured, which features remixes of the already awesome soundtrack. Well, next up on the docket is a match that we can’t wait for.

Flux Pavilion has been asked to produce a remix to the theme song for Star Wars Rebels. We can’t wait to see what Flux does to the remix, as bass and the Star Wars music seem like all too perfect of a match. Disney is notoriously protective of their properties so having a DJ with the blessing of the mouse playing with Star Wars music will be awesome. Per his tweet below he so far claims it won’t be dubstep, but we can’t wait to see what the final product will be. Give the current theme song listen above and let us know what you want Flux to do with it!