Daddy Yankee

Spotify’s ¡Viva Latino! Tour Turns Listeners Into Concertgoers

Spotify’s announcement of a ¡Viva Latino! tour, featuring artists on the well-known playlist, is the latest of many tours that the streaming giant sponsored. These tours all follow the same format – a popular playlist becomes formatted as a concert experience, turning the platform’s listeners into live concertgoers. Latin artists, such as Daddy Yankee and Becky G are just some of the artists to perform on the ¡Viva Latino! tour.

This tour isn’t the first time the Spotify branched out into live music. The RapCaviar playlist is planning for a longer, second tour after its successful 6-date run last year. A Hot Country Live tour, based on the Hot Country playlist, is also in the works.

This format gives Spotify a new way to generate revenue from its listeners, remediating some of the fallbacks of a single-play streaming revenue format. The massive success of these concerts also positions the Spotify brand in nearly every corner of the music industry; what began as a comprehensive streaming service now also offers artist management, analytics, alternatives to traditional radio, live concerts, and potentially physical products like music listening hardware. The latter development is mere speculation, but the company’s recent hiring activities, which include product managers, certainly seem to corroborate their continual growth in all directions.

Spotify’s future seems relatively secure, given the company’s roots in all directions. The future of the playlist-to-concert model looks bright, given the promising revenue from the initial forays. Maybe soon, we’ll see a “mint Live” or “Dance Party” tour coming to the northwest.

What Spotify playlists would you like to see turned into a live tour? Share your thoughts in the comments!