Spotify Makes New Changes For 2019

Ever hear a song pop up on your Spotify from an artist that you strongly dislike? Well, Spotify listened, and is now offering a way to fix that. Spotify will now let you mute artists that you’d rather not hear.

Hitting the “don’t play this artist” button will not cause this artist to disappear from your Spotify. It will simply not play this artist’s songs unless you manually click on it. If you change your mind, you can reverse the undo very quickly with a click of a button.

Something else that is new with Spotify? Not confirmed yet, but Spotify is rumored to release an in-car music player later this year. According to The Verge and The Financial Times, Spotify is releasing a device that is meant to be used in your car and is voice controlled. The goal of the device is to get music to listeners quicker while in a car.

Pretty exciting changes coming up. Keep an eye out for the new technology coming your way!

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