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Spotify Launches “For Artists” App for Streaming, Audience Data

Earlier this week, Spotify launched their new app “For Artists” on iOS. An extension of the artist dashboard, the “Spotify for Artists” app will allow artists to see real-time streaming data and audience demographics. It also has features for updating artist profiles, including their bio, artist’s picks, and their playlists.

The app is essentially a mobile version of the artist dashboard, which launched in April of this year. The main objective is to give artists access to their data on the go, Spotify project manager Miles Lennon explained.

“The first thing we’re trying to achieve is meeting the artists’ needs to have mobility,” he said. “They don’t have desk jobs. While we have a desktop product, it’s not accessible to them.”

The app will update with streaming data in real-time as soon as a new release becomes available, and continue for the first week thereafter. This feature is exclusive to mobile and allows artists to immediately see how their new track, EP or album is performing.

Audience demographics will include information like gender, age and location, as well as what they stream and how they listen. The current release is available on iOS, with an Android version expected in a few weeks.