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The Best Spotify Playlist for Every Genre of Dance Music

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(Photo: Stanley Sutton, DMNW)

Spotify’s curated playlists continue to explore genres and sub-genres more thoroughly than ever before. The playlists, curated by anonymous “experts from around the world,” allow you to dip your toes into a variety of genres with hand-picked songs. Spotify has even gone the extra distance and added seamless transitions to their dance music playlists. What that means: you can dance without interruption for the entire duration.

On the off chance that they miss the boat completely on your Discover Weekly playlist, or if you’re looking for a playlist to scratch your itch for a certain genre, here are a few playlists you’ll love. Another option is to find your top playlists and go through the list of related playlists to find more new favs!

Of course, there are playlists for all of the standard genres – Trap Mojito will satisfy any trap enthusiast, and Housewerk covers all of the basics for those looking for the classic house sound. If you’re looking to get a little more adventurous, Spotify is curating playlists for different budding sub-genres.

Several playlists cover extensions of the house genre. If you’re interested in exploring Tech House, Electronic Circus features a large collection of slow, minimal beats for you to jam out to. If our article on Afro EDM piqued your interest, venture through some Afro House beats with the House is a Feeling playlist. Notable mentions that explore other genres include Bass Arcade, featuring new age bass tracks, and Metropolis, showcasing indie-electric fusions.

Perhaps the best part about these playlists is hearing some of your favorite artists juxtaposed with songs you might not have known otherwise. It truly is worth taking a quick stroll through each of these lists to find just the right fit. We’ve included a more comprehensive list of playlists below to start you on your streaming journey.

  • Trap Mojito – Trap
  • Housewerk – House
  • Trance Mission – Trance
  • Techno Bunker – Techno
  • Drum & Bass Fix – Drum and Bass
  • Hardstyle Hits – Hardstyle
  • House is a Feeling – Afro House
  • Electronic Circus – Tech House
  • Bass Arcade – New Age Bass
  • Metropolis – Indie Electronic
  • Shuffle Syndrome – Future Bass
  • Creamy – Melodic Bass
  • Afterhours – Deep House/Electronica
  • Soul BPM – Soul House
  • House Brazil – Brazilian House/Deep House
  • Dance Classics – Classic Dance Tracks from ’00s

What’s your go-to playlist on Spotify? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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1 Comment

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