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Spoken Bird’s First EP Asks, ‘How Old Is The Wind’?

There are different genres and sub-genres of music created each day. The Booms & Claps Vol. 1 that brought a booming compilation of underrated producers is a great example of this, where we heard Spoken Bird’s music for the first time. Spoken Bird, also known as Alex Gonzalez, first came onto our radar back in May. He has proven to be a stand out artist with his first EP release, How Old Is The Wind. Spoken Bird, as well as How Old Is The Wind, will defy any solid genre label with vibrating wobbles and glitch hop vibe.

I tend to borrow from all the music I listen to and kind of create an amalgamation of genres when I produce, but I suppose the best umbrella to fit myself under would be Glitch Hop-Spoken Bird

Having musical influences like Thriftworks, Heyoka, Kalya Scintilla, Tipper and Sugarpill makes it clear as to why Spoken Bird’s sound is so diverse. Take a listen to his first EP, How Old Is The Wind and let us know what you think of Spoken Bird and his unique sound!