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The Sound Of SNL’s Davvincii Is Back With 2 New Tracks

We all remember that SNL DJ short that became viral back in May right? Starring “Davvincii”, a comical disc jockey tempting the crowd with a bass drop so amazing the audience literally explodes. As funny as the skit was, the track he played was actually pretty catchy, and the ghost producer behind the track is none other than Sam Fishman, or Sam F. So it’s with much excitement, and a few chuckles (as we recall the SNL skit), that we announce Sam is back with a two track EP he just released through EDM Records.

Fire & Elephant, two tracks that remind us of When Will The Bass Drop?, own their big room style, and are definitely a great addition to Sam ‘s growing tracklist. So listen up, and be sure to let us and Sam know what you think! If you like what you hear, the EP is available for purchase via iTunes and Beatport. Keep a sharp eye out, as we’re sure this isn’t that last we’ve heard of Sam F.