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Sound Remedy Announces Resolution Will Be Final Public Performance

Throughout this year, several artists in the industry have announced their retirement from touring or performing. Each artist’s reason has been different, but we can’t help but continue to wonder why. Many believe that this is helping initiate a conversation about the issues within the industry. Maybe, it will help us to become more informed music consumers, as well as a musical audience.One of the artists retiring from the scene this year, Sound Remedy will be making his final hoorah here in the northwest. Sound Remedy reached out to fans in a heartfelt Facebook post earlier this year, thanking his fans and support systems within the industry. It also included some great advice for those interested in pursuing a career in music.

The post goes on to state: 

I may add some pacific north west, texas and California dates for 2016 but we will see.

Well, that “we will see” turned out to favor us here in the Pacific Northwest. The Resolution lineup announcement over the weekend included Sound Remedy, along with other favorites Above & Beyond, Delta Heavy, and more!

Prior to the Resolution lineup, Sound Remedy took to Twitter to remind fans that this was his last year as a touring artist, which later prompted a Seattlite to ask the question we’d all been wondering:

To which Sound Remedy responded. . .

If you are a fan of Sound Remedy, then this will not be the show to miss. With the reiteration on EVER, you know he’s going to really go out with a bang on NYE. The post seems to instill that this is it for Sound Remedy, so make sure to take advantage of the opportunity to see him at WaMu to conclude the year.

Due to the context of “as Sound Remedy” within the tweet, many fans are speculating that Sound Remedy will begin DJing and performing under a new alias. While that future is uncertain, we only know that his final performance in Seattle will be one to remember. Tickets for Resolution go on sale Wednesday November 9th at 10 A.M. You can get them here for $95 plus taxes and fees, or at one of the retail outlets listed in our Resolution info article.

Why do you think so many artists are retiring in 2016?  Share your responses and favorite tracks with us on in the comments below or on Twitter!