In a recent spin that almost seemed like a scam, Sound Remedy announced last week that in order to celebrate his personal success, he would be sending money to lucky fans via a Paypal account. What started as an aloof and vague twitter post quickly gained momentum as the day progressed.

Through a #SOUNDREMEDYGIVESBACK hashtag the experience quickly built momentum. Many people began jumping on the bandwagon and responding to Sound Remedy’s requests.

While DJs giving away free music is a new standard in today’s music scene, Sound Remedy took a different approach to celebrating his own success with those lucky enough to support him. It is an interesting approach that is completely different than the norm. While many people donate to charity, most of us would not offer to give money to random people. In Sound Remedy’s case, he wanted to share something more tangible and more realistic to the world we live in. 

The 27-year-old Chicago native has been amounting success in the past several years. He started producing music full-time only two years ago. His shows in the Pacific Northwest are always high energy and high emotion. Through uplifting synths and heart-pounding drum kicks, Sound Remedy pushes fans to truly enjoy the human experience. Currently residing in LA, he has collaborated with the likes of Savoy and continues to build momentum while touring throughout the United States.

Sound Remedy ended his #SOUNDREMEDYGIVESBACK act of gratitude by giving away $720. Instead of lavishing in the hyped DJ lifestyle, Sound Remedy decided to do something no other DJ had done, let alone most people.

What do you think of #SOUNDREMEDYGIVESBACK? Do you think more artists should share their success with their fans? Would you ever consider doing the same with your own success? Let us know in the comments below, and enjoy these Sound Remedy originals.