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The Official DMNW Soundtrack for the Solar Eclipse

If you haven’t yet heard, a solar eclipse is happening today across the states, and a number of cities in Oregon lay in the path of totality. For many Oregonians, traffic is what comes to mind in preparation for the eclipse, but so much more is going to happen this Monday morning. We decided to make a playlist to help break down the Solar Eclipse and prepare you.

To start off, we are going to look at what is involved, the sun and the moon. What better way to kick off our Eclipse soundtrack but with some trance, and the key players in the eclipse with Above & Beyond’s Sun and Moon.

During the time of totality, the moon will move in front of the sun and “the eclipse will reveal the suns outer atmosphere, called the corona.” Kaskade produced a whole album titled Atmosphere. That being so, the next song on our list, Atmosphere by Kaskade.

The sun is an active star, and a main thing involved in the eclipse. When the sun and the moon are finally aligned, Major Lazer’s Be Together describes what everyone is doing, “chasing the stars.”

Warning, DO NOT look at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed sun without the eclipse glasses., San Holo’s track Light says, “even if it makes me blind, I just wanna see the light.” We wouldn’t follow that advice if we were you though, as looking directly at the eclipse without eye protection, it can cause series injury and even blindness.

Everyone is heading to the coast, Salem, Madras to take it all in. Next on our list is bringing it all together, Chocolate Puma’s remix of Hardwell’s track Eclipse.

No matter how you are checking out the eclipse this Monday, in person, with eye protection, or on the TV, listen to these tracks while taking it all in!