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Snowbombing Canada: A Sophomore Outing To Reckon With! [Review]



Honestly, today was a huge bucket list day. We’ve been rabid Skiitour fans for as long as we can remember. Their wild antics and snow machines in the club are a total game changer, so we were definitely looking forward to seeing them in their true element, on a ski hill!

From our correspondent Steph:

“It was retro surreal. It was on this outdoor deck that was literally shaking with people dancing on it.”

Friday was also the media mixer, where we got to mingle and chat with other press members that on site and really get a feel for the festival. Taking place on the deck of the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel, overlooking the carnival, it was really special.

Richard Johnson / FANATIC

We then got to rock down to Hip-Hop Karaoke, another amazing feature of this unique festival, we got to watch a couple of hot shots go head to head on some of the hottest hip hop tunes, and they did not disappoint. Cherie rocked down a rendition of Work It by Missy Elliot, while adorning a sweet blue afro wig!

Richard Johnson / FANATIC

And of course, no West Coast festival would be complete without a stunner set from our hometown heroes The Funk Hunters, who showed that main stage why they are the headliners we NEED.

Giles Smith / FANATIC

The rest of Friday was a blur of incredible music, including Justin and Christian Martin reppin’ that Dirtybird flavour, topped off with Party FavorMatoma, and a hot tub party that we can’t really show pictures of. . . Either way, Friday was a day to reckon with.

Giles Smith / FANATIC

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